Statin Drug Dangers
Chelation to lower cholesterol
Statin Drugs

Statin Drugs – what is the prescription for?

You’ve discovered you have bad cholesterol levels. Or your cholesterol levels are above 240 and you have other risk factors like being a smoker or being overweight. Or perhaps you’ve had a heart attack already. In all these circumstances, doctors prescribe statin drugs.

These drugs slow down your body’s production of cholesterol. They also remove the cholesterol that is sticking to your arteries. 
me examples of statin drugs are:

Atorvastatin – brand name drug Lipitor
Fluvastatin – brand name Lescol
Lovastatin – brand names Altocor, Mevacor
Pravastatin – brand name Prayachol
Rosuvastatin – brand name Crestor
Simvastatin – brand name Zocor

Are statin drugs dangerous?

Statins work very well to inhibit the production of cholesterol. But in doing so, it raises a many- headed monster of other dangers for your body. It inhibits a whole family of intermediary substances, many of which have important biochemical functions. That’s why there are often many side-effects, and the chances of you suffering from some other ailment are huge.


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